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Word on the Street


Voices of Spring, March 2019

Vocal Arts Nashville, an up-and-coming professional vocal ensemble directed by Matthew Phelps,  performed four selections: “Sweet Honey Sucking Bees” by John Wilbye, “My Soul There is a Country” (from Songs of Farewell) by Charles H. H. Parry, “Deep River” by Gere Hancock, and “Jesus Was an Only Son” by Bruce Springsteen, arranged by Dunnavant. It was refreshing and interesting to have a smaller ensemble on the program, and they did not disappoint. Their selections had a nice variety in style and featured individual members of the ensembles nicely. The overall blend and balance of the ensemble was quite nice as well, especially the lower voices. Like all of the other ensembles on the program, Vocal Arts Nashville brought their own sound and style to the table, and showcased it confidently and passionately.

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